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VICTORY PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER (VPRC) is a center of refuge for anyone experiencing a crisis pregnancy as well as offering hope to the broken-hearted that may be seeking healing from a past abortion or loss of an infant. but most imporantly, we share the good news of our great faith by offering hope through the power of the gosepl to all. 

we believe jesus christ is messiah and he alone has the power to save and transform our brokenness into something beautiful. to him be all the glory.

• Equip people with the gospel
•  Free pregnancy tests
• Pregnancy counseling
• Free ultrasound (referrals)
• 24/7 hotline - (877) 791-5475
• Resources (adoption, shelters, etc.)
• Pregnancy and parenting information
• Miscarriage/still-birth support
•  Post-abortive counseling
•  Baby supplies and clothes (Bundle of Love box)

Choosing LIFE is the most loving thing you can do.

We never recommend or refer anyone to have an abortion, but we will offer accurate information about an abortion procedure and the many risk associated to having one.

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